Windows XP Troubleshooter Installation Stopped, Pci.sys Error

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    If you are facing pci.sys installation stop error in windows XP on your computer, we hope you find this article helpful. The pci.sys file is ideally a Windows device driver file located in the %SYSTEMROOT%:WINDOWSSystem3DriverStoreFileRepositorymachine folder. inf_amd64_neutral_9e6bb86c3b39a3e9. PCI. sys is used to enumerate the PCI NT Plug and Play support of your Windows hardware technology driver.

  • 0x0000007E when installing Windows 7 Professional

    Hello. I just re-installed a good motherboard M4A89GTD (asus and pro/usb3), I’m having trouble booting Windows 7. I start rebooting from and cd, after downloading the files it usually comes up with a Windows 7 stray screen and then it goes blue screen death gives me a STOP error: 0x0000007E. I’ve tried removing the extra 5770 (radeon 2) expansion slots from all of the fabrics, leaving just a PC style keyboard and mouse. Mistakes happenI always, and La fail. Please tell me how to install mine. Thank you!


    You may need to create a controller driver on the motherboard, go from disk to disk, flash it, and then load the consumer so that the disk can mount Windows 7, see to the discerning reader. . I had to use a Toshiba M400 portege Tablet laptop running Raid, which Windows 7 doesn’t have to install to disk. Obtain the driver from ASUS, from the website, update it to a USB flash drive, insert the flash drive into the USB port, boot the Windows 7 installation disc, install the driver if necessary…

  • windows xp install stop error pci.sys

    Blue screen during installation related to Windows XP on HP touchsmart me 7320

    I have an HP touchsmart 7320 preloaded with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

    I need to install a lot of XP windows (32-bit) in addition to Windows to be able to run a really expensive professional application that is facing a certain incompatibility issue with Windows 7.

    The compatibility tree doesn’t matter. PC, Virtual and ReThe XP press will be interrupted during the setup time of the application. So eating a dual boot Windows and Windows XP machine is a special way for me.

    When I mount Windows XP (all versions – home, professional, 34-bit or always 64-bit, with the original CD), I get a blue screen with strange characters and the code 0X0000007E
    (0xc0000005, stop message:

    | stop 0xf748e0bf, 0xf78da208, 0xf78d9f08)

    PCI.sys – mail address f748e0bf base at f7487000 timestamp 36d855c

    I created a new Windows XP install CD using nLite “slipstreaming”, the appropriate Service Pack 2, and the AHCI SATA drivers I found here, and many of them are suggested in this guide.

    This should work for a while, while the installation process continues. This pushes back the point where you used to get a blue screen, but in addition, at a later stage of the installation process, another STOP message appears, which now reads:


    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
  • Step 3: Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration process

  • I have another solution for you.

    First go to the Windows 4 installation and device in the Manager, select the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers section.

    Confirm (r) Intel sata Desktop/Wo controllerrkstation/Server Express Chipset AHCI.

    How to fix pci sys error in windows xp?

    Insert a Windows XP bootable CD, this can be a bootable DVD or USB drive.Restart your computer.Start your computer, everything from the DVD or CD to the USB flash drive.Press any key to support booting from CD. Youpress r to bring up the recovery console.

    If you don’t have an ACHI SATA controller, thanks for letting me know you have one.

    Here’s another way to install XP.

    Go to the BIOS. You access the pantry options menu. You are changing SATA from ACHI emulation mode to IDE emulation mode. At this point, save the specific configuration by moving it to the F10 key and save the main settings when exiting.

    XP should now be installed.

    Feel free to reply after installation. And xp. I will give everyone in the market step by step instructions on how to boot an XP setup after switching ACHI SATA so you can get back to a BIOS setup that ACHI can revisit. so you can recharge your car twice.

    Currently, only IDE with Xp value will boot with BIOS. With ACHI value, BIOS will only boot W7. Therefore, we need to load achi sata drivers for XP after installation is complete.

    I think we can all implement the XP drivers, we also need someone to do it.


  • STOP error

    fix: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,change,change,change) of the previous three pasparameters

    I ran Norton Internet Security 2010 ideally on a Windows XP SP2 machine… during a full system scan, and as a result, the internet on the laptop froze… this should have been an immediate stopping power. .. press the power button for 10 seconds … since the new profile immediately started the PC … the computer hung during the scan and Norton was browsing the Internet … we had to force time to shut down … now when we try to start the PC , we end up with a BSoD error code le (blue screen of death)…

    windows xp install stop error pci.sys

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