Steps To Fix Sun Debug JDK

This guide has been written to help you when you get a sun debug jdk error code.

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    This chapter provides guidelines for debugging applications inSun System Java Application Server. It is contained in the following sections:

  • Enable Debugging

  • JPD parameters

  • Create a stack trace for debugging

  • Debugging Sun’s Java System Message Queuing

  • sun debug jdk

    Activate verbose mode

  • Application Server Logging

  • Profiling tools

  • If you enable debugging, leave it both local and remote.Debug. Use the --debug option to start debugging functions on the follows:

    asadmin start-domain --user adminuser --debug [domain name]

    Youcan then be attached to the device using a Java debugger (jdb).on its definitely standard port of JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture),is 9009. Example: UNIX® for systems:

    jdb -attach 9009

    jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:port=9009


  • Java Debugger Architecture – Java Debugger:

  • Java Platform Debugger – connect theme toJDB:

  • Application Server now performs debugging based on JPDA. For information,Show more JPDA options.

    You can connect any JPDA compliant server to the application using the serverDebuggers including NetBeans, Sun Java Studio, JBuilder, Eclipse,and more.

    You can enable debugging even if it’s the same application serverruns if you don’t have the --debug option. this is usefulif you can start the application server from the windows start menu, you can eitherOptionally, you must ensure that debugging is always enabled.

    The Specified Server Will Be Started AutomaticallyIn Debug Mode

    1. Select the application server componentand the “JVM Settings” tab here in the admin console.

    2. Check the box to actually enable debugging.

    3. Specify a different port (from 9009, any portdefault) to capturewhen connecting the JVM to the debugger, specify address= port-number in the Debug Options field.

    4. To add JPDA options, add the following JPDA debug debug options. See JPDA options.

    See See also

    For more information, just click the “Help” button in the admin console.on the JVM settings page.



    If you replace suspend=y, the JVM will startis in limbo and remains suspended until a critical debugger is attachedthis. This is useful if you want to start debugging right away.The JVM is starting.

    To specify a different port (starting from 9009 by default) – useSpecify address=port number.

    when connecting JVM to debugger

    You may have additional options. JPDA debug listavailable options see”6n5s6m5af”>

    To generate a Java stack trace for debugging use a real asadmingenerate-jvm-report --type=thread command. Package tracego to file domain-dir/logs/server.log andalso appears on the command line screen. For more information aboutfor the Generate-jvm-report directive asadmin, see the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Reference Guide.

    Sun name="indexterm-188">The Java system message queue has a broker logger thatcan be useful for debugging Java Message Service (JMS) applications,including message-driven bean applications. You can set up a registrarVerbosity and owners can send recorder output that is mediated.Console with broker parameter -tty. TOFor more information, see the Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide.Name="6n5s6m5ah">

    sun debug jdk

    In order to have server logs and news campaigns already displayed on the System.out screen, you can usually start the serverin pdetailed mode. This facilitates simple debugging with printing.Instructions without referring to the server.log fileevery time.

    To start the machine in verbose mode, use our --verbose follows:

    asadmin start-domain --user adminuser --verbose [domain-name]

    On Windows platforms, you will need additional preparation.Step if your organization wants to use Ctrl-Break to create a dump stream. In install-dir/asenv.bat, AS_NATIVE_LAUNCHER="false" becomes AS_NATIVE_LAUNCHER="true" .< /p>

    Announcements are recorded when the main server is in verbose modeConsole or station window in addition to the audit file. And in addition,Press Ctrl-C to bring up the server and press Ctrl- (on UNIX platforms).or Ctrl-Break (on Windows platforms) dumps the thread. Under UNIXplatforms your family can also print stream reuse with the jstack command(see or perhaps the command kill -QUIT process_id.

    You must haveThe ability to use versions of the application log server for debugging.your applications. In a specific administration console, select the application server component,Then click the View Log Files button on the General Information page.To change logging settings, select the Logging tab. details inLog in, click the "Help" button in the admin console.

    You can use a dedicated profiler to perform remote profiling on the application server.Identify performance bottlenecks on the server side. This area describesTo configure these profilers for use with the application server:

  • NetBeans Profiler

  • HPROF profiler

  • Profiler Optimizeit

  • Wily Introscope Profiler

  • JProbe Profiler

  • Information about comprehensive monitoring and management assistanceon my platform 2 javatm the standard version (J2SETM platform) is available at /guide/management/index.html.

    NetBeans Profiler

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  • For more information on using the NetBeans profiler, see and http://blogs.

    HPROF Profiler

    The Heap and CPU Profiling Agent (HPROF) will be a simple profiler.The agent ships with the Java 2 SDK. It is any dynamic link library.which interacts with the Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface (JVMPI).and logs profiling information to make sure you have a specific file or socketin binary or ASCII format.

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