What Causes Return Code = 70000 And How To Fix It

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    You may have encountered an error saying that return code = 70000. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll talk about them in a moment. If you see the error code “70000”, it means that your bank rejected the payment. We recommend showing the customer the correct error message and asking them to try a different payment method.

    When printing to the PDF driver, this error occurs and production does not complete.

    [85 94 4 39 93 47 63 46 eighty-six 47 39 0]

    %%[ Reset: remaining work (to end of file) not addressed ]%%


    Printing and prepress

    Hi everyone… I was looking for a problem here and found this solution here —

    -> Launch Acrobat and Distiller and select “Font Position” from the “Settings” menu. Acrobat

    return code = 70000

    -> Distiller then performs a hard disk search of all font locations.

    The error type should no longer appear. And if the error reoccurs, your family may need technical support to report the error outside of the home. Human error should be corrected with these steps.

  • After a major overhaul, W10, Acrobat 9 enforces the plan “% [ProductName: distill] %% found Calibri, using Courier. %% [Error∷ font;] xshow] “[offendingcommand: ‘.

    % main is invalid

    After the W10 update, Acrobat didn’t recognize “Calibri” when looking for an unrecognized document.


    it worked, it means it didn’t do anything. “Inconsistent” means it hasn’t been tested, refactored, or refactored to work with this version, the fact that it’s been updated might cause what you feel. You should try running it in Application Compatibility Mode, but chances are slim that it will work correctly. Actually the solution is to upgrade to a compatible version.

  • Adobe Distiller for Mac as part of %%percnt; [Error∷ not defined;] team: [Offensive PC] %.trying


    I’m converting my book to PDF using the options provided by the library.

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  • The problem is that whenever I load a Word document, created on my Mac, and Earthworms word 15.19. used (where 1 is the last one i get), error:

    Distillation: after Document1.docx

    Started 3/1/2016 at /Users/leighmorum/Downloads/Document1 19:08


    Target: /Users/leighmorum/Downloads/Document1.pdf

    Adobe PDF Settings: Users/leighmorum/library/application/support/adobe/adobe PDF/Settings/Lulu.[Error: undefined;] [OffendingCommand: job



    %%.[Clean up: stop task (destination file) will be skipped]%%.

    %% [Warning: PostScript error.] The PDF file was not created. ]%%

    Distillation time: 0 seconds (00:00:00)

    End attempt *.Im

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


    yes, simple.

    Postscript converts distiller documents to PDF format. It is not possible to convert Word to PDF documents. .You .got .error 1 .because .someone .tried to .get .a ..significant .docx file instead of sending a (postscript.ps) file.

    You can create a complete PDF from Word in Word itself for the print dialog by using the Adobe PDF dialog (at the bottom of the print dialog).


  • Type the comma of the appropriate Word 2013 PDF; which prints but pdf, in anyth moment of printing the created PDF on an absolute laser printer & comma; an error occurs: invalid error: font that offends command: see electric battery :

    I’m wondering if anyone is having trouble printing PDF error codes that cause Word to use Acrobat Pro Xi 2013 /p>


    Problem reported, Konica Minolta C552 internal computer system needs to be updated!

  • Acrobat 9 cannot create your current document

    My Acrobat can no longer create a document file.

    See error below

    Changed Distiller’s settings to ensure that this method references font files. SEE someone’s mistake below

    Do you have an idea for [ProductName: Distill]%?

    Thank you


    Calibri not found with Courier.
    %% [Error: Invalidfont;] command: [violating xshow]%.


    %%.[Reset: ignore rest of job (end of file)] %%.
    %% [Warning: PostScript error.] This is not a specially crafted PDF file. %%


    None of these playbacks are compatible with Acrobat 9.

    return code = 70000

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