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    It looks like some of our users have encountered an error code indicating their primary hard drive has failed. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now. A mysterious “Pri Master HDD Error” type message means that the computer’s BIOS definitely cannot access the computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) for booting. In fact, he can’t even find a blank disk to boot to even try to get money from it.

    1. I’m really sure what the problem is, but all of a sudden the little computer won’t boot up anymore. Last night he did a good job, and when he died, he looked completely strange. Recently came from Back Success, looked at the computer and actually stuck on the very first show with all of the following:

      ————————————————– advertising ————————————————- ——–
      AMIBIOS (C) 2002 American Megatrends, Inc. KSU-X
      asus ACPI BIOS version 0703
      Processor: AMD Sempron ™ 1 2600+ Processor
      Speed: 0.60 4000 GHz
      drum clock: MHz

      Press DELETE to run the installer
      Press F8 for BIOS popup window
      Check NVRAM..
      Initialize the USB controller. Done
      1024 MB OK
      USB devices 2: mouse, storage devices data definition
      Automatic Pairs Pri Master..Hard Drive
      Automatic Prioritization Automatic Slave
      Sec Master CD-ROM..ATAPI
      detectionAutomatic detection of Sec-Slave..ATAPI-CD-ROM
      Master Slave: WDC WD450AA-00BA0 10-09K11
      UltraMode-2, dma S.M.A.R.T. Status “Possible” and “OK”
      Sec Master: PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1610A 1.05
      Slave sec: DVD-ROM X 10 41
      Ultra DMA-2 Mode
      Automatic detection of USB storage devices.
      Device #01: *High Speed*
      Seagate Agent Desktop Without Device #02: HP Photosmart c42801.0
      02 USB drives detected according to settings

      Fatal Error Main Wizard
      No Masteride HDD. Recognized!
      Press F1 to continue
      ————————————————– ————————————————– ——-

      So, press i F1, and the following screen —————————————– ————- —

      ————————————————– and select ordered boot device
      or Insert the boot media for the selected boot devices and click —————————————- —————–

      After ok
      ————————————————– none of this happened. By the way, my two optical drives (they can still be opened and closed “blindly”, nothing remains there) are readable. Anyway, I restarted my computer and had to hit F8 because the screen crashed and asked me if I would choose bootable install.swarming. Me two you guess my main and slave storage slot is Western Digital (didn’t know what a slave was) so when I saw the options I chose WDC (I know straight away it’s a trimer). . After that I got to the “Reboot and select boot device” screen again, ours and the next screen was just a “_” (command prompt?) line that stopped forever.

      I rebooted the computer as fast as I could and got stuck on “Autodetect Sec In Slave” hearing something in the tower that sounded like a literally broken creak (like hiccups) and I thought that was their main problem with the led creature. .. I turned off the computer. Noticed me

      After that, something strange happened. The Num Lock light came on on the keyboard. When the computer lights up, it did not turn on for a long time. I even have an idea to set it up so that num lock is off by default.
      after a few minutes I booted up, I would say the computer again. This again caused the loop to fail and the slave’s auto-detect section to hang.

      I restarted my computer many more times, this timeit went to command line prompt(?).

      I rebooted the machine and went straight to “Reboot and select correct boot device” without pressing F8.

      I restarted the computer, the program and stopped at “Press F1 Resume” to become part of the 1st screen.

      So… I think the main hard drive (with a capacity of 150 GB and *sob* is almost on somehow) has somehow died. I really hope this is not the case, in which case maybe someone can help me get my computer up and running again.

      If it’s literally dead, is there a better way to recover the data? Can they die differently (for example, if it’s an unimportant part that can be replaced and then it will work again, OR if there is absolutely nothing to do)? Although I have a hard drive and a 500 GB drive, I made a backup of my data, but since it takes almost a day to transfer everything, I usually do this every few months or so, so what I saved might be not as relevant as I imagine.< br>
      In any case, let me confirm the opinion of experts or, if required, obviouslyI have additional information. I hope someone else can help. Thank you in advance!

    2. Great org/person”>


      How do I fix a disk error?

      To do this, you can use the main tool Chkdsk, which is in Windows with corporate systems. Chkdsk (Chkdsk.exe) is a command line tool that generates and displays a status report of your hard drive, checking the volume for problems.

      There is no main IDE hard drive. Found!

      What causes smart hard disk error?

      The smart disk error could be caused by a bad disk configuration, disk directory errors, or lost clusters, etc. So you can try running chkdsk to fix hard disk error 301 SMART. Disk error is hard

      Click to expand…

      not This is just the full manifestation of the disk. for some reason the computer says it can’t see a full disk.

      Two things to try to solve this problem.
      1. Unfold the desktop and replace the gray cable with a wide lug. The cable may have deteriorated over time or weakened.
      2. Remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it to another computer if you want to use the USB adapter and see if the other computer sees the real hard drive.Example of the adapter mentioned above:…_re=ide_to_usb_adapter-_-12-156-101-_-Product

      Note. Of course, if the computer is a laptop, you can’t throw away the cables, but bringThe adapter above may not fit 2.5″ laptop hard drives, only four 0.5″ desktop hard drives.

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