Solutions For HP P2055dn Black Laserjet Print Cartridge Installation Error

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips when you receive the hp Laserjet P2055dn error code to install the black cartridge in your computer. When you try to print, the printer control panel or computer displays an “Install Black Cartridge” error or the Attention light blinks. This error message means that the toner cartridge is permanently installed and not original, or this blockage is preventing the toner ink tank from being recognized.


    This document applies to HP LaserJet printers.

    A black ink cartridge marketing message appears on the edge of the printer or computer, or the printer light blinks when you try to take a photo.

    This error text indicates that a blank toner is not installed, is definitely genuine, or there is an obstruction preventing the toner cartridge from being recognized.

    To avoid this message, please install the toner cartridge. If a full toner cartridge is installed and the lights indicate this, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

    Step Use Original HP Toner Cartridges

    How do I fix install black cartridge error?

    With the printer turned on, unplug the power cable from the printer.Disconnect the power cord from the power source.Wait 60 seconds.Connect any power cord back to the wall and to the printer. Note. HP recommends connecting the printer directly to a wall outlet.

    HP indicates that you are using the original product New HP ink or toner. HP does not guarantee the quality, reliability, or related use of non-HP or remanufactured cartridges. If you are not using genuine HP cartridges, the steps in our document may not resolve the underlying issue. To verify the authenticity of your cartridges, go to Anti-Counterfeit

    HP website (in English).

    Purchase other cartridges and supplies for sure

    HP Store

    or local resellers.

    If using Original HP toner cartridges does not resolve the issue, continue to the next step.

    Step 2. Check The Packaging Material And Paper

    Check the toner cartridge and printer for packing materials and paper that may be causing the error message.


    Implementation images may show mydel different from your model, but the methods remain the same.

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    Turn off all printers.

  • Disconnect power from some printer cables.

    Rice. : Disconnecting the power cord

  • Openthe toner cartridge door in the printer.

    Why does my HP printer says cartridge error?

    “One or more are damaged. Remove them and replace with new cartridges.” More often than not, a “cartridge problem” means that these HP printers simply do not recognize color or black cartridges.

    Rice. : Opening the toner cartridge access door

  • Locate and remove any existing packaging material, such as tape, compressed paper, or waste paper.

    Fig.: Example of removing packaging material

  • Remove the toner cartridge from the printer.

    Rice. : Removing the toner cartridge

  • In the area of ​​the toner cartridge, locate and remove any excess packing material or torn paper.

  • Check and remove orange stains on the toner cartridge.

    Rice. : Delete tab

  • Make sure there is no orange, then remove the protective film from the toner cartridge.

    To remove the protective tape, remove the tab from the toner cartridge, and then discard it.


    If toner gets to the bottomlaundry, wipe it off with a dry cloth.and wash clothes in cold water. hot water kitsThe toner is exactly the same.

    hp laserjet p2055dn install black cartridge error

    Rice. : Removing the protective tape

  • Gently rotate the toner cartridge outwardsback and forth to make sure our toner is evenly distributed.

    Rice. : Toner cartridge tilt

  • Insert the nicotine toner cartridge into the printer, then fill the toner cartridge door.

    Rice. : Installing the toner cartridge

  • Reconnect the power cord, then turn on the printer.

  • If checking and removing the packaging and paper does not solve the problem, continue to the last step.

    Step 3: Check The Printer For Other Paper Jams

    An error message may appear if the paper or napkin is jammed. Check with the printer manufacturer for other locations where paper jams may occur to resolve the error message. For detailed instructions on how to clear a paper jam in the printer, see the client

    .HP Support

    . Enter your printer model, then on the Troubleshooting tab, look for Paper Jam.

    If you think there is no paper jam detected, or if you can remove excess paper to solve the problem, continue to the next step.

    Step 4: Clean The Electrical Contacts Of Your Compatible Toner Cartridge As Usual

    The toner cartridge may not be properly connected to the printer. Lint-free cloth for cleaning contacts between toner cartridges (E-Label).

    1. Open the toner cartridge access door.

    2. Remove the toner cartridge from its slot.

    3. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the toner cartridge (electronic label) located on the top left corner of each toner cartridge.


      Coffee filters work well.

      Rice. : Electronic label on the toner cartridge

      Contact containing toner (E-Label)

    4. hp laserjet p2055dn install black cartridge error

      Insert the printer toner cartridge into the slot and close the toner cartridge , see valve.

    How do I bypass HP ink error?

    Remove most cartridges from the printer.Reinsert the incompatible ink cartridge into the printer.Turn off the press and unplug the power cord – wait 10-15 minutes.Reconnect the dedicated power cable and the rugged printer.

    If clearing the e-label does not resolve the issue, go to Step Now.

    Step 5: Reset Your Printer

    Sometimes an error message appears even if there is no packing material in the printer or even if the paper is jammed. Resetting the printer settings may resolve the entire error.

    1. When the printer is turned on, unplug the power cord of your current printer yourself.

    2. Disconnect the power cord from the power source.

    3. Please wait 60 seconds.

    4. Plug the power cord back into the outlet and help the printer do it.


      HP recommends connecting printers directly to a wall outlet.

    If resetting the printer did not resolve the issue, continue to the next step.

    Step 6: Replace The Toner Cartridge

    If preIf the previous steps did not solve the problem, please replace the toner cartridge in the printer with a genuine HP compatible toner cartridge.

    If replacing the toner cartridge probably didn’t solve the problem, continue if you want to go to the next step.

    Step 7: Maintaining The Printer

    If the error message disappears and you take all other steps in this service, the printer will be deleted.