Best Solution To Open Old PST File In Outlook

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    It seems some readers got an error when opening an old PST file in Outlook. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s find out about them below. In this case, click Account Settings > Account Settings.On the Data Files tab, click Add.Click the track in the Outlook data file (.pst) that you want to reply to, and then click OK.

    If you only want to restore one specific email from a backup, it will take too long to import the entire email file into Outlook. How to open the full PST file in Microsoft Outlook and view our content without having to import.

    Backing up email to a PST file should be a good way to create a long-term email archive and save space on your email account. But one potential disadvantage is thatOh, it’s not too obvious how to access a PST file via email without having to import the entire file.

    Fortunately, you can open a PST file in Outlook without importing it, so you can view its contents as if it were, no doubt, a simple folder. You can view messages, copy them or just move them to your account, delete them, reply to them if you want, forward them, create tasks or satisfy and everything else you can use with traditional email.

    First, open the Microsoft Office application, click File, then select and open Export > Open Outlook Data File.

    How to open pst file in outlook?

    Follow the normal steps below: 1 In Outlook, go to the File menu and select Open and Ecsport.” 2 Select the Open Outlook Data File route. 3 A new window will open to select a specific PST file. Navigate to the policy that contains the desired PST file, select the file, and click OK as well.

    Browse to the PST file you want to open and also click OK.

    PST will display “Outlook Data File” at the bottom of the navigation pane.

    View files in PST just like any other files in an Outlook folder. You can keep the file open for as long as you want, even if you close and reopen Outlook. This makes File Intensive very handy for reducing traffic in your emails asmessages in the PST file only exist in this report, not in your online account.

    What is the difference between Outlook PST and OST files?

    If you do have multiple PST files or want to draw attention to what the file is, owners can change their name from the default “Outlook Data File” to a more detailed description.

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  • Right click “Outlook Data File” and select “Data File Properties” from the entire menu.

    This will not rename the PST file, only the name will display normally in Outlook.

    You can also secure the PST file by clicking Change Password.

    This will open the Edit Specific Password dialog where you can easily add a password. This way, no one will be able to open the file that requires your password.

    Here we provide a standard warning: if you breach the security system, you will lose access to the corresponding PST content, so be sure to keep your password in a safe place, such as in your password manager password.

    Now called and renamedIt says “Outlook Data File”. you

    If you no longer want to see the PST list, removing it is as easy as adding it. Then right-click on the file name and type “close [folder name]”.

    Microsoft Outlook remembers if you’ve changed this name before. So if you close the PST file and open it again in the future, this method will show up as the alias you changed it to, and not just “Outlook Data File”.

    If you buy Outlook every day, your saved data can become a treasure for you. In this article, you will learn how to access your data stored in PST files with and without Microsoft Outlook.