How To Fix Hmrc Error Code 1046

Sometimes your system may display an error code displaying hmrc error code 1046. There can be many reasons for this problem to occur.

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    Error 1046: Authentication failure is the most common problem when trying to send valuable real-time information to HMRC. BrightPay sends this information to this government gateway. If you are getting error 1046, it means that the primary government gateway has rejected the transmission flow. Are the user/sender ID and password correct?

    If you 1046 TaxCalc last message error (as shown above), the following means one of the following:

  • HMRC provided data different from the data entered in TaxCalc prior to this submission attempt.
  • Your HMRC account has been disabled.
  • This can happen if you tried to zip multiple times with insufficient capacity (if you try 3-5 times in a row, your postman will get blocked for 2 hours)
  • Your UTR has been compromised or denied delivery.
  • To help resolve this error message, see the links below to helpInstructions for your scenario and/or download our step-by-step PDF guide that includes the necessary steps in a new illustrated flowchart.

    I’m working and trying to file a client’s tax return

    I am trying to file a meaningful individual tax return (SA100) for myself, my friends and family

    hmrc error code 1046

    I’m having trouble filing my partnership tax return (SA800) for myself or my friends and family

    I am trying to file a Absolute Trust Deed (SA900) tax return for myself or my friends and family

    hmrc error code 1046

    I am filing a limited company tax return (CT600) for myself or my best friends and family

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  • If you receive error 1046 after submitting CT600, The HMRC gateway only helps you with the data entered there when trying to file, they often make mistakes or do not match what HMRC expects. EasyDigitalFiling service stores your utr with the user The username and password are exactly the same as you viewed them.

    To fix a specific error message, runDo all the steps below.

    Step 1: Make Sure Your Gateway HMRC User ID And Password Are Correct

    It may seem a little obvious, but it’s very easy to make a mistake when entering a user ID or security password.In accordance with the terms of HMRC, we will send the user ID and another one exactly as they were entered.So make sure all upper and lower case letters are correct. To check if this is the caseOptimal password, you can click the Show clear button below.

    If the HMRC Travel User ID and Password are correct, check them with thisBelieve it or not, register directly at the checkout – you can register on this site -

    If successful, you will always receive a security voice message (Click “Next” to continue). If this fails, users also receive an error message. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully reset your username and/orpassword.

    If you have registered three or more times, then HMRC will block your description for two hours, so you’ll probably have to wait before you want to come back.

    When someone registers your HMRC payment as a new user, you will be presented with a processing list. To create a business account, you will need your UTR and your Company Registry Number (CRN) or your current zip code. You will end up with one Activate the code posted by the user.

    Step One: Check If The UTR You Entered Is Correct

    If you successfully logged into the gateway account in step 1, the UTR should be displayed in the Corporate Income Tax section of your government terminal home page. (see picture below) Make sure this matches what you entered for everyone directly in your EasyDigitalFiling account. the company you applied for. You can also check if your UTR matches well-formed on this page. What is a UTR number?

    Step 3. PCheck If You Have Added And Activated The Corporate Tax Service

    Probably the most common reason for error 1046 is that the gateway account does not have an account.a corporate tax service has been added/or launched. When you see the corporate tax department in your gateway account, selectimage above, it will activate earlier. However, if you do not see this service, you canBe sure to click on the website link (the top item, circled in red in the photo above) to request an activation code.

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