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    You should try these fixing methods if you are getting coremidi Platform Logic Error message on your PC.


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    CoreMidi 6:27.Frame Error [SOLVED]

    Logic 8.02
    snow leopard 10.6.2
    Imac 2.6GHz 2 RAM
    Glyph go HD 25
    firewire protocols
    Axiom MBOX2
    Native Instruments Guitar 4 Rig Controller Edition
    Line Tone 6 Port DI with appropriate driver.
    border How to get there

    just other PC users. Launching Logic 8 Studio
    The directory starts with and the jump is available at the same time that the drivers think it seems to be halfway. It skips a few turns and stops.
    Open then force close > CoreMidi not responding I finished the download and sent it. I would say a report, and as soon as I hit the play button, it will be displayed using the CoreMIDI logic. Plus, of course, the logic then crap with a processor error

    The song always plays dice at any time and every bed for a few minutes.

    Famous Items: This military setup was perfect until I upgraded it to Lepper Snow to help.
    Protools 8.03r doesn’t work on Mac 1 and logic so Now I believe pigs are a lot of flies global and warming like this.. .hope .lol .it .helps .everyone .appreciate .. .. .

    Date/Time: 2009-12-03-0500
    Operating system version 22:38:44: 10.6.(Build 2 10C540)
    Architecture: X86_64
    Version 6

    Command: report: MIDIServer
    Path: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreMIDI.framework/MIDIServer
    Version: ??? (???)
    parents: running [105]

    PID: 585
    Event: Hanging
    Duration: 3.29s (sampling has already started in 2 seconds)
    Steps: many (sampling interval 100ms, tactic 6 is avoided)

    Pages: 23
    Number of pages: 0

    Process: MIDI Server [585]
    Path: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreMIDI.framework/MIDIServer
    ID: 501

    Topic 755e000 DispatchQueue 100
    Custom stack:8??? (in MIDIServer +3517) [0x1dbd]8??? (in MIDIServer +3757) 8 [0x1lead]
    MIDIServerRun +777 (in CoreMIDI) [0x16b2b]
    8 CFRunLoopRun+ (in 86 CoreFoundation) [0x9879a7a4]
    8 CFRunLoopRunSpecific+452 (in CoreFoundation) [0x98794864]
    8 __CFRunLoopRun+2079 (in CoreFoundation) [0x9879577f]
    8 + mach_msg_trap ten (in libSystem.B.dylib) [0x9020a8da]
    Main stack:
    8 ipc_mqueue_receive_continue + 6 Subject [0x210aa3]

    DispatchQueue 7604b7c 1634545000
    Custom stack:
    8 start_wqthread + early enough. (in libSystem.B.dylib) [0x90230336]
    8 _pthread_wqthread Three hundred + ninety LibSystem (in.B.dylib) [0x902304f1]
    8-10 _dispatch_worker_thread2 234 (in + libSystem.B.dylib) [0x90230a68]
    8 _dispatch_queue_invoke + 163 (in libSystem.B.8 [0x90230cc3]
    dylib) kevent Ten+ (in libSystem.B.dylib) [0x902310ea]
    Main stack:
    Actions Kevent + 97 [0x471745]

    Discussion 5a88b7c
    Custom 8 thread_start + thirty four (in libSystem.B.8 [0x90237e42]
    dylib) _pthread_start + (at 345 libSystem.B.dylib) [0x90237fbd]
    5 CAPThread::Entry(CAPThread*) + 96 (in CoreMIDI) [0x15b16]
    8 XThread::RunHelper(void*) + 17 (in CoreMIDI) 8 [0x16149]
    TimerTaskMgr::Run() + 455 (in CoreMIDI) [0x30d0f]
    7 CAGuard::Wait() + 93 (in Coremidi) [0x1534f]
    8 pthread_cond_wait$UNIX2003 + 3 (in libSystem.B.[0x9023a158]
    dylib) 8 __semwait_signal + ten (in libSystem.B.[0x90238806]
    dylib) Main stack:
    Actions semaphore_wait_continue 0 + [0x22a0a5]

    discussion User stack:
    8 thread_start + (thirty-four libSystem.B.8 [0x90237e42]
    dylib) _pthread_start + (at 345 libSystem.B.dylib) [0x90237fbd]
    8 PrivateemptyPoint+ (in 68 CarbonCore) [0x968fc7ae]
    8 MidiReadThread(void*) + 65 (in DigidesignFWDriver) [0x1fe2e31]

    coremidi framework error logic

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