I Have A Problem With Cleaning The Registry In Windows XP

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    You may encounter an error message that you are cleaning the registry in Windows XP. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll talk about them in a minute.

    clean the registry in windows xp

    Updated December 12, 2019


    How to clean the Windows XP registry. The Windows XP registry is one of the most important components associated with your PC. The Windows XP registry stores all of your computer’s device and file associations because it contains important information about drivers, directories, Windows applications, and more.

    Where is registry in Windows XP?

    The Windows XP registry files are located in your %systemroot%/system32/config* directory. The Windows XP global registry files specify the hive command chain and the corresponding location for each hive. This article is likely to help you understand how the Windows XP registry files fit into this hierarchical structure.

    Access to many different entries in the Windows XP registry. It is clearly divided into main sections: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_USERS and HKEY_CURRENT CONFIG. Each section contains a number of entries relating to various aspects of Windows XP.

    Click one of the plus signs (+) next to one of the root directories to display a more detailed list. This second level will have more directories to choose from and will make it easier for you to find the publications you need to clean up laptops or computers.

    Remove registry entries that the user knows conflict or are no longer needed. To do this, press the “Delete” key and right-click or select “Delete Entry”.

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  • Invest in a dedicated third-party registry application to help keep your Windows XP registry intact. There are several networks that will do all the dirty work for you. Some even have backup features to go back up the stairs in case of a fatal error.

    Clean up disk autoload by changing the programs that were originally loaded. Click through the LOCAL_MACHINE and CURRENT_USER directories until you get to Software/Microsoft/Windows/Run and RunOnce. From here, clear the registry entries that are commonly used to ensure that the program runs. grams as part of the startup process.


    Before you clean someone’s Windows XP registry, back up all your essential files. Select “System Restore” using the system tools, or you can still use the ntbackup.exe file that comes with Windows XP. Windows XP Home Edition users can get the backup application from the Microsoft website.


    Do not clear all Windows XP registries unless you are sure you know what to delete and what information to keep. If you delete valuable registry entries, your computer will most likely start acting erratically. Always check the specific post description before editing anything today.

    Items You Will Need

  • Windows XP

  • Administrator rights in Windows XP

  • clean the registry in windows xp

    If owners want to maintain the performance of their personal PC and avoid frequent system crashes, consider using the standard Windows XP registry repair method.

    The Windows XP registry can beis to be a database for building a computer system. Your computer works based on registry information. It is also similar to the “nervous system” of individual computer applications and hardware.

    If something goes wrong with this repository of facts about Windows settings, your device will be affected by consistent performance, system errors, frequent crashes, DLL pop-up messages, program loading delays, and blue screen messages.

    Causes related to damage to the Windows registry

    How do I fix registry errors on Windows XP?

    Insert this Windows XP installation CD and restart your computer as well.Press any key to boot from CD.Press R to access the repair console.Enter the administrator’s personal information.Type exit and eject the CD: exit.Press Enter.Restart your computer.

    – Frequent Add/Remove Programs

    – Installing corrupted or hacked tasks

    – Viruses, worms, trojans and other malicious promo codes

    – PC modification without sufficient knowledge of the program

    Ways to repair the XP registry

    It is possible that the registry can be restored and modified using the registry editor (to open the registry editor, select START, then RUN and sort Regedit. ), but this is very destructive, to some extent Modify or remove using the registryif you are not comfortable with what you are doing.

    If you fiddle with the registry, your system will stop booting or stop working. Only advanced users can edit and clean the registry using the Registry Editor.

    Before you start repairing the Windows XP registry, make sure you have completed the following two steps: –

    1. Create a Windows system restore point – this is a rollback to a previous configuration in case the computer stops working due to registry changes you made.

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