Suggestions For Fixing C3200 Error Codes

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    If you have c3200 error codes, this user guide will help you.

  • Error Code FS-1118MFP C3200

    anyone wondering what is error code C3200 on Kyocera FS-1118MFP?
    when I scan while copying or faxing, it sometimes freezes and I get a code.
    could it be a charger or a scanner device?
    Thank you for your help.

  • The C3200 is only a problem with the exposure lamp. The most painless explanation would be a depressing exposure lamp or an inverter. More exotic, but still possible, a very cold environment, a dirty, terrible power supply, a CCD sensor, or a faulty motherboard.

    I would approach them in that order.


  • More Information

    Thank you, Blackcat, support for you and your information.
    I checked and found that when I try to search in it with the top of the code reader turned off (with glass), I still get this code oshibki. In this case, the lamp is under the white calibration strip, so an error will most likely appear, this if there is no reflection now.
    I saw the optics get dirty as usual and this solved the problem.
    I spoke to the service manager of a large company in Israel and he told me that these products usually clean the optics to solve the problem, and also enter the agent mode code U078 to reset it to zero.I don’t have a service book, I don’t know the denomination 078.
    Thank you

  • U074 Adjust DP Input Light Brightness

    There is no U078 options mode, but I think it provides u074

    U074 DP input brightness

    Adjusts the brightness of our lamp to expose simulated DP originals.

    c3200 error codes


    Use when the exposure value really differs when scanning an original on the glass and the
    contactwhen scanningAnd the original Von DP.


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  • Press Enter.

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    1. Use the arrow keys to left/right to change the setting.

    Display Setting Description Range Default

    Set DP data Input light brightness 0 to 8 1
    Increasing my setting will increase the brightness and decreasing my setting will increase the lower brightness.
    2. Press Enter. Treasure identified.

    Test Print Mode

    During maintenance, copying from the original in Test Print mode becomes.< br>1. Press the menu/counter system button. switches the Machine to test print mode.
    2. Insert the original and press the “Start with” button.
    * However, test printing cannot be stopped until the preset numbered sheet has been printed.
    3. To return to the settings screen, note the System/Menu Counter key.

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