Troubleshooting Brother Manual Feed

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they are encountering brother manual feed errors.

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    DO NOT load more than one sheet of paper into the manual feeder at a time. Otherwise, a paper jam may occur.DO NOT load paper from the bypass tray when advertising from the paper tray. Otherwise, a paper jam may occur.

    “Manual Feed” indicates that your machine’s tray or paper source settings are set to manual in the printer driver, but no entries are loaded in the feed slot guide.

    1. Insert one sheet of paper into the manual feeder. The entry should print the error tracked message.

    a.Press or â–² â–¼ for general display selection and setup, then press OK.

    b. Press â–² â–¼ or press OK to open tray settings.

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  • in. Press â–² or display For Manual â–¼,. Turn on the power and press OK.

    d. Press or â–² â–¼ to display for Off, in which case press Go. The message “Accepted” will briefly appear on the screen of the machine.

    one. press Maybe â–² or â–¼ to print display reports, or maybe press OK.

    b. Press â–² â–¼, or to display printer settings, then simply press OK.

    in. Click Go. The device is ready to print a report.

    d. finish when press 2 toexit the menu.

    – If the Feed guide disappears from the screen, follow 5 different steps.

    – If “Manual Feed” is still displayed on the screen of the machine, make sure the New Manual Feed setting is configured by repeating steps 1 and 3.

    – en If, after repeating these solutions, you see the message “Manually continues feeding”, go to step 4.

    How do you troubleshoot a paper feed error?

    check the surface of that roller to determine if it is dirty or real. If dirty, clean the rollers with a single microfiber cloth dampened with water. Allow the rollers to dry for a few minutes. Do not use cleaning solutions or alcohol on commercially available rollers.

    a. Press â–² or a–¼ to display Initial Setup, then press OK.

    b. Press â–² â–¼ in addition to to display Press reset, then press OK.

    in. Press or â–² To highlight in â–¼, Reset device, then press OK.

    d. Press ▼ to select reset. The device will ask you if you can restart your computer.

    e.Press ▼ to select or Yes.Usually the machine will restart after a while. If

    – All documents the problem is printed, solved.

    – If the document does not print and the machine still displays the message “Power off”, skip step 6.

    6. In the printer driver, select the appropriate paper source. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page depending on your operating system:

    brother manual feed error

    – If the document prints, the problem may have been resolved.

    – If the document is not created, the device still displays the message “Bypass feed”, go to step 8.

    8. The settings you are using override the Brother printer driver application settings. The checklist options in the paper source check application are not set to start manually. After confirming that the specific paper source is programmed correctly, try printing the document again.

    How do I get my Brother printer off of manual feed?

    Load a sheet of paper into the printer’s Brother manual tray.Change the default paper size.Make sure the tray settings are correct.Print from Brother to the current printer from the Settings Report.Perform a final reset of the machine.

    If you are printing from Microsoft Word or a similar application, read the section When printing from Word: microsoft Manual Feed Slot, Out of Paper, Load Paper Paper, also called Multi-purpose Tray. or app

    – If the problem persists, go to WARRANTY SERVICE OPTIONS and.

    Your device is covered by a limited annualFull replacement warranty. You can use the link below to find your nearest Brother Authorized Service Center. You can also call Customer Support for additional warranty options.

    one. Open each printer folder. Instructions click here.

    B. Right-click the printer associated with the driver, and then left-click Printing Preferences.

    c.Set the paper source to “Auto” for the first page and other pages.

    D. Click Apply → OK. Go to step 7 for help.

    one. In the app, tap → file Print.

    B. Select the printer driver from the brother printer list.

    C. You select the options in the application’s print drop-down list.

    i.e. Automatically set source on

    and paper. Go to step 7.

    This issue can occur if the main program has its paper source set to “O or if the paper type is set to custom size or custom size type. This can also happen when the document you really want to print was created as a letter, mail item, or receiving label for using the wizard. Microsoft Word labels and envelopes.The document tries to print according to some rules set in the wizard when creating the thought.

    – Windows Click xp: Start => => (Settings) (and fax printers).- Vista:

    windows click the Start button => Control Panel => Sound and Hardware => Printers.

    – Windows 7: Click the Start button => Devices and Printers.

    one. Hover over the lower left corner of the Start screen and Desktop screen.

    one. Usually press R and windows keyboard at the same time

    b on. In the Run field, enter Control Printers Found and Marketing.

    Why does my Brother printer keep saying manual feed?

    “Bypass” indicating that your device’s paper tray setting in the laser printer driver is set to Manual Feed, but there is no paper overload in the paper feed slot. Load a sheet of paper into the manual feed slot. Plain paper should clear certain error messages to print and.

    Windows or XP Vista: Double-click the new computer model. The Brother Machine Properties Printer window appears.

    Windows 7, 5, 8.1 or click 10: Right-click any of Brother”Printer Drivers”, select “What’s Printing” appears.

    To – cancel each document individually, press => on the printer Cancel all documents (or Delete printed documents).

    brother manual feed error

    To unselect locations only, click the appropriate command to highlight it. Then click Cancel => data.

    NOTE: You may have tried several times to completely remove print queues.

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